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"A 'rusalka' is a water nymph; a female spirit in Slavic mythology and folklore. The term is sometimes translated from Bulgarian, Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian as 'mermaid'."

Hello! My name is Diomira Rusalka, owner of The Mutinous Mermaid. I am an artist, cosplayer, musician, and forest sprite from Philadelphia, PA. I've been dressing up and making things since I was a wee thing, and I'm so happy you've come to my humble corner of the internet. I am most inspired by music, nature, old-timey medical books, kawaii culture, and mythology. My goal is to share with you a veritable garden of earthly delights meant to empower all witches and merfolk alike.

When I'm not toiling away in my Wonderland Workshop, I can usually be found busking for change, impersonating fairy tale princesses, or writing articles about cats.

This shop is a place for me to peddle my wares, born out of the necessity to share with the world the things that I make and maintained by a compulsion to make more things, in an endless cycle, back and forth forever and ever! ))><((

About The Shop

As you may have guessed, I'm a huge fan of Sailor Moon. Watching Usagi grow into her truest, ideal form is what inspired me to help others do the same.
I believe that women, and people of all genders, are capable of becoming champions against the chaos of The Negaverse. That's why I'm here to celebrate and embolden you to become the Neo Queen Serenity that is inside all of us. Everyone has a magical girl inside of them, ready to save the world.

Here you will find fantastical curiosities that I've created based around some of my favorite games, fandoms, and mythical stories, but my intention is always the same - to empower and inspire.

Who inspires me, you may ask? Why, all of my magical predecessors, of course; from Billie Holiday to Joan of Arc to Frida Kahlo, I am compelled to honor the magical girls past, present, and future, and I hope that my commemorative pieces will help you on your journey as well.


Diomira Rusalka:

Creator and owner.

Marzipan and Wonton:

Quality control.



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