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Women Who Made History Votive Candles: Joan Of Arc

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Women Who Made History Votive Candles: Joan Of Arc

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8 inch votive candle featuring original artwork of Joan Of Arc


They say "well behaved women rarely make history", and in the case of these ladies, it's certainly been proven true. From artists to scientists to warriors, this collection of votive candles is dedicated to honoring some of the bravest women in history. Each 8 inch votive candle is made of white, unscented paraffin wax set in a clear glass jar. Use the jar as a decorative container once the candle has burnt out! :) JOAN OF ARC : Lead an army for the French during the Hundred Years' War. FRIDA KAHLO : Prolific Mexican painter and outspoken Communist. BOADICEA : Iceni Queen who lead an uprising against the Roman Empire. MARSHA P. JOHNSON : Activist for LGBTQ rights who lead the rebellion at Stonewall. MARIE CURIE : Skilled chemist and Nobel Prize winner who helped discover the elements polonium and radium.

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